Virtuoso Lonely Romance, April 14, 2018

CMFW Concert Series, Spring 2018


Cello Solo Recital


Francesco Mastromatteo


WHEN:    Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 4pm

WHERE:  To Be Announced

COST:      Free



Capricci op.25 n.12, 3, 7                                   –   Piatti (1822-1901)

Sonate pour violoncelle seul op.28              –  Ysaÿe (1858-1931)
Lento e sempre sostenuto
Poco allegretto e grazioso
Allegro Tempo Fermo

Sonata op. 25 n.3                                                –  Hindemith (1895-1963)
Lebhaft, sehr markiert
Maβig schnell, Gemächlich
Lebhafte Viertel
Mäβig schnell

Ligeti (1923- 2006): Sonata for cello solo

Capriccio su tema dalla “Niobe” op.22          –  Piatti (1822-1901)


A Word from the performer

The cello is an instrument of “romance”, its sound is narrative in nature, and this narration is always connective to the most intimate and powerful energy in human life: Love. Therefore this program for unaccompanied cello is an exploration of relationships, from a point of view that is continually shifting and invites us to look into ourselves. This journey of romance happen in the solitude of each human being as well as in the solitude of a single cello on stage. The sonatas by Hindemith, Ligeti, Ysaÿe, or the Capricci by Piatti are actually invitations to look in our loneliness in order to define who we are and therefore moving toward the others ready to accept them completely after we have accepted who we are. It is also a journey of “virtuoso” romance, where virtuosity is the ability to express our nature in the truest way, without formality or any burden, with sincerity of our feelings. Virtuosity in these works and in the cello voice is truly the ability to discover and express Virtue, and ultimately, to discover and live… Love.


Dr. Francesco Mastromatteo will conduct a Master Class for cellists and chamber groups on Sunday, April 15th – more information to follow.