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Because music is a gift…

CMFW believes beautiful music has the power to heal. Its nature is about giving and sharing. With this philosophy, we make every effort to make classical music accessible to all in our community, providing programs for free, or with an affordable fee. CMFW envisions a world of peace and global harmony. We can make this vision a reality with classical music as a means to bring people together. Our quality programs reflect the holistic character of beautiful music, creating a healing atmosphere and global harmony on earth.

Please join our mission by donating today.
Together, we can make our lives and communities better through beautiful music!


Sponsorship Levels

Do up to $50
Re $50-$100
Mi $100-$249
Fa $250-$499
Sol $500-$999
La $1,000-$2,499
Si $2,500-$4,999
Solfeggio $5,000 and up

Donate Directly to CMFW

 CMFW is now a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your tax deductible donation is greatly appreciated! 


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We are looking for donations of the following items or services:

  • Amplifier, microphone
  • Concert grand piano
  • Portable electric piano
  • Piano tuning services
  • Airlines mileage donations for artists travel
  • Catering services or food donations
  • Printing services
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Restaurant accommodations



Contribute your skills to CMFW and be a part of the team!
We also welcome high-school students as volunteers.

  • Creating , editing, or online publishing of the promotional materials
  • Ushers to help concert audience
  • Help in set-up for an event
  • Video or photography services
  • Help with organizing Agape Recitals (needs to be a musician with a heart)
  • Website developer
  • Content Manager
  • Website translation to other languages.
  • Any other skills and services are welcomed and are very much appreciated