Love Concert

Love Concert is our way of caring for individuals and communities. Our purpose is to raise money to help people with special needs and to assist Austin and other communities around the world to make needed improvements. All of the voluntary donations we receive go directly to the charities, projects, and organizations we have committed to help.


Agape Recital

In this program, we deliver the beauty of live classical music to people in emotional and physical pain, and to others who cannot easily venture out of hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, and children’s shelters. Musicians and singers of all ages and artistic skills are invited to participate in Agape Recitals.


Artists’ Concert Series

Classical Music For the World’s Concert Series presents solo and chamber music concerts featuring distinguished local and international artists. Like all of our events, these family friendly, professional-level concerts are free of charge. Through our Concert Series, attendees are afforded the thrilling experience of hearing beautiful classical music performed by artistic masters.


 Why Music? Series

Classical Music For the World conducts its Why Music? Series of lively interactive open discussions for individuals who want to learn more about the nature, nuances, and benefits of classical music. Discussion can span a wide range of topics and include such things as instrument making, music history, music literature, music science, music therapy, music in the visual and film arts, music and the universe, music and religion, and beyond.


Young Musicians Concert Series

Classical Music For the World supports young talented musicians by arranging and promoting their music performances worth public audiences. We work with young musicians from all around the world who are selected by their levels of musicality, musicianship, and community service.

Young Music Ambassadors

CMFW Young Music Ambassadors serve the community by sharing their love of music and musical talents. Their volunteer work allows them to appreciate the joy and purpose of music and understand how musicians and their musical performances can enrich the lives of others.



Classical Music For the World’s Orchestra program is an opportunity for musicians of all ages to get together and make musical harmony. We welcome young, adult, amateur, and professional musicians to join us!


Chamber Music Class

Classical Music For the World offers affordable chamber music classes. Musicians play together in small ensembles such as trios, quartets, and quintets. The class provides a valuable experience for learning music, building friendships, and creating harmony with peer musicians and coaches.


Master Class Series

Classical Music For the World offers free and open-to-the-public master classes led by local and international distinguished guest musicians. Classes are open both to chamber music groups and soloists. Each session includes time for questions and answers with the masters.


International Programs

International Music Exchange

Through the International Music Exchange program, we build friendships and bridge the gap between different countries and cultures through musical performances and field trips. As the program participants unite and spread their talents to various countries, they become musical ambassadors to the world.


Sophia International Festival: A future holistic program

Using music as a vehicle to introduce people to international cultures, studies, and businesses, this one week festival will be an educational and cultural event for Austin and other world communities. Classical Music For the World envisions this festival being rotated between Austin and various foreign cities every two years.